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PHP 75,000.00

PHP 75,000.00

Production Plan, Creative Work, Fun Crew and Cool Equipment

3 to 5 Minutes HD Comedy Film

Edited Reaction Footage of the Happy Wife

Your Own Copy of the Fun


A: We use state-of-the-art equipment to capture, produce and edit our videos. We use Canon full-frame digital Single-Lens Reflex (DLSR) cameras, Go-Pro Hero 4 Black Edition, film lightings, and various camera accessories during the shoot. A Mac Pro 6-core is used for video / film editing.
A: First and foremost, Wit Cream is not a wedding videographer. We are a comedy film producer. We produce comedy films that can be presented or shown to guests at the wedding reception.
A: A comedy pre-wedding video is a comedy film production that spotlights the main stars of the wedding – YOU. It is filmed before the wedding and is presented during the wedding reception as an additional feature to your program. It is best presented on an LED screen instead of the regular projector screens.
A: Well, technically, you don’t really need it. But wouldn’t you want to make your wedding day even more memorable by providing your guests with a funny, entertaining video made just about you? Get in touch with us and see what we have to offer.
A: Wit Cream is in the business of comedy. If you’re looking for a more traditional approach to a wedding video, we would suggest you talk it over with your official videographer.
A: No. There is only one kind of video we make and that is a comedy wedding video.
A: Absolutely! It’s our pleasure to brag about what our videos can do for your wedding. Please schedule an appointment with us and we’ll be more than happy to tell our story to you.
A: Regularly, it takes one whole day for us to finish a video shoot. We highly suggest that you take a good night’s sleep and rest well before the shooting day. It won’t be that exhausting during the shoot because we will take care of you like you were real superstars.
A: You only get to see your video on your big day. We don’t let our clients view the edited video before the wedding. Surprise! Surprise!
A: Each video is about three to seven minutes long.
A: Yes we do. Email, call or SMS us for the details.